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Snoring Beauty

Author: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Illustrator: Jane Manning

HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN-10: 0060874031

ISBN-13: 9780060874032

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Book Description

Snoring Beauty is a sweetly hilarious spin on the classic fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty." Written in bouncy rhymed verse perfect for reading aloud, this whimsical reimagining from Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen is sure to appeal to children and parents alike.

Tucked in his little bed inside the castle walls, Mouse is eager to get a good night's sleep before his wedding tomorrow. But just as he begins to drift off, he's awoken by a tremendous roar. SNOOOOGA-SNOOOOOM! KER-SCHUPPP! Sleeping Beauty is snoring . . . again! When the handsome Prince Max arrives, Mouse thinks he's found the perfect scheme: He'll convince the prince to kiss Beauty and wake her up! But when Prince Max learns that Beauty is the one making such monstrous noises, will he still want to kiss her . . . or will he run away from the noisy princess, leaving her snoring for another hundred years?


Mouse has almost fallen asleep when a loud snore from the castle’s royal inhabitant, Sleeping Beauty,

rouses him. Again. Fortunately, Prince Max arrives, ready to kiss the princess and break the spell, despite the horrendous noises she is making. Unfortunately, he finds it impossible to kiss the snoring girl. Max and the mouse pinch her nostrils, drench her with water, and tickle her feet, but she snores on. When Max gives up, Mouse courageously steps in to save the day. Written in rhyme, the rhythmic text flows well, with pithy stanzas such as “‘I like the crown, I like the throne, / I really like the castle.’ / Max shook his head. / He shrugged and said, / ‘The snoring’s too much hassle.’” In a series of watercolor illustrations featuring period interiors and comically exaggerated characters, Manning ably captures the silly situation as it unfolds. Fun for reading aloud, and children will be happy to help with the multiple snoring sounds.

— Carolyn Phelan


K-Gr 2–A mouse who lives within the walls of a castle is unable to fall asleep the night before his wedding due to the loud snoring coming from a princess nearby. A prince comes to kiss the beauty awake, but he is put off by her loud noises. The only way for Mouse to get some shut-eye is to kiss the princess himself. The story ends with a double wedding, and the brides and grooms all live happily ever after–except for the fact that Mrs. Mouse snores, too. Bright watercolor illustrations and expressive characters add a whimsical feel to this fairy-tale spin-off. Snoring sounds are even illustrated on some pages for comic emphasis. The layout fluctuates from single-page images with text opposite to full spreads, creating visual variety. Told in varied iambic meter that has a limerick feel, the text has an easy flow and perfect scansion, making it a good choice for reading aloud.

— Emily E. Lazio, The Smithtown Special Library District, NY

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