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Adventures of Caveboy

Meet Caveboy! Ooga booga!

Caveboy is just like any other boy . . . he loves playing base-skull, running really fast, and especially whacking things with his club. But when his club breaks, he will need to find a new one . . . which just might lead him to a new friend. In this first book, Caveboy will find the perfect club, meet his best friend, and learn to be brave!

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Caveboy is Bored

Ooga booga!

Most days, Caveboy has lots of fun things to do, like taking care of his pet rock and playing baseskull. But today, he's bored. Mama is hunting, Papa is repainting their cave, and his friend Mags is busy. He could play with Sister, but sisters smell like burps! Will Caveboy ever find someone to play with?

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Caveboy is a Hit!

Ooga booga!

Caveboy is just like any other boy. One of his absolute favorite things to do is playing baseskull, so one day, Caveboy decides to join a baseskull team! But when his best friend Mags wants to try out as well, he learns that she isn't very good. Caveboy is faced with a tricky problem--should he stay with his friend and be stuck on a losing team, or leave her to be on the better team?


“Single-minded and single-eyebrowed, Caveboy is a mischievous, relatable hero . . . Wight's full-color cartoons have a scruffy charm and readily draw out the humor woven into each chapter.” 

–  Publishers Weekly

“The easy language and short chapters may prompt outbursts of 'ooga booga' from newly independent readers.” 

–  Booklist

“A great first step away from early readers for those approaching chapters . . . Will likely please little cavepersons.” 

–  Kirkus Reviews

“With short chapters, appealing illustrations, and simple story lines, this series is just right for brand-new readers.” 

–  School Library Journal

“Read & Bloom will be wildly popular. And I am very happy to see some new friendship books come along with the end of the Elephant and Piggie books.” 

–  Teri Lesesne, Professor of Library Science at Sam Houston State University

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