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Chicks Run Wild

When Mama Chick kisses her kids goodnight, she expects them to stay in bed, but those! They jump around and do cartwheels, until Mama comes in and says "You're all in trouble. But when she turns out the lights...they start a pillow fight! Finally, Mama gets them settled, but she's not ready for bed either!

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Bank Street CBC Best Children's Book of the Year 2012


"Here is a bedtime story for all those tireless adults who would rather have their charges erupt from their beds to do a mad jig instead of peacefully drifting off to sleep. So make it a midday story, because it is a good bit of rollicking fun... Like a shot of caffeine between covers, it makes for a bracing read-aloud."

— Kirkus Reviews

"Bedtime silliness abounds when these little chicks decide they’re not ready for sleep. Eventually, Mama realizes she’ll just have to tire them out herself. Weary parents may not appreciate this message, but young children will relate to the energetic chicks, who pop back into bed each time Mama checks on them and aren’t sure how to react when Mama changes her tactics, challenging them to invite her to play... Young listeners will quickly learn and want to repeat the refrain, set off in large type and curving above chicks jumping on the bed, somersaulting through the air, and whacking each other with pillows: 'Those chicks run wild!'"


"Jenkins's artwork has enthusiasm to spare, and he has great fun with the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" ending that has the tired chicks begging Mama to go to sleep and has Mama running wild herself: by painting her toenails and watching a TV romance."— Publisher's Weekly

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