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Brobot Bedtime

The Brobots have had a long day, and it is time to recharge and enter sleep mode. Buzz and Crash have no problem falling asleep, but Beep’s got a case of the flick-ups. Luckily, Buzz knows just the trick: scare Beep with a monster mask! Does it work? Affirmative. No more flick-ups. But Beep still can’t sleep. He’s afraid of monsters! Plan of action: turn on the lights. Problem solved? Negative. Now it’s too bright. Block the light with blankets? Too hot. Add a fan? Too loud. Can the Brobots power down before Beep has a breakdown? This hilarious bedtime romp explores the universal experience of siblings settling in for the night—with a clever robot twist.

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"Will robot fans enjoy this bedtime book? Affirmative."

— Kirkus

"The brief text...conveys the action well and gives a sense of charming camraderie among the brobots."

— Booklist

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