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The Mine-o-saur does not like to play nicely — and that doesn’t win him any friends in the school yard.  Soon the Mine-o-saur is lonely.  But will the other dinos want to give him a chance when the Mine-o-saur is ready to give back all their stuff and apologize?

Dolly Parton Imagination Library Selection

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Half-pint Pete the Pirate

"Half-Pint Pete the Pirate has half of a treasure map; Half-Baked Belle has the other. After they join forces, he intends to steal her share of treasure but steals her heart instead. With its simple plotting, dialogue-filled rhymes, and anything-but-menacing coed crew, this book is perfect for kids who are curious about pirates but too young for the hard stuff." -- The Horn Book

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Flying Eagle

"Using short poetic lines to describe large watercolor illustrations, this book about an eagle's hunt is ideal for reading aloud. As they soar with the tawny eagle, young audiences will recognize familiar animals of Africa's Serengeti plains—rhinos, hippos, and cobras. The authors' deliberate and beautiful poetry describes the swiftness of the hunt and the eagle's need to feed its young.

Reading this book will allow children to experience the poetry of science as well as the roles of predators and prey in this habitat. This is an NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2010 for primary students. Supplementary material for the teacher or mentor will help answer questions about the habitat, threats from humans (including poachers), and efforts to preserve these animals." -- NSTA

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The Hog Prince

"Bardhan-Quallen’s latest shows the amusing results of a fairy’s poor memory on a pig with big dreams...In a market filled with fairy-tale remakes, this one stands out for its read-aloud potential, references to other beloved characters and timeless message—be happy with who you are." -- Kirkus

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Tightrope Poppy, the High-Wire Pig

"This winning story of a pig with a dream comes alive in tidy four- and five-line verses composed mostly of one- and two-syllable words...Purchase a duplicate for storytime shelves; this easy, accessible crowd-pleaser will leave everyone smiling." -- School Library Journal

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