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Snoring Beauty

Amazon Big Spring Pick for 2014

Tucked in his little bed inside the castle walls, Mouse is eager to get a good night's sleep before his wedding tomorrow. But just as he begins to drift off, he's awoken by a tremendous roar. SNOOOOGA-SNOOOOOM! KER-SCHUPPP! Sleeping Beauty is snoring . . . again! When the handsome Prince Max arrives, Mouse thinks he's found the perfect scheme: He'll convince the prince to kiss Beauty and wake her up! But when Prince Max learns that Beauty is the one making such monstrous noises, will he still want to kiss her . . . or will he run away from the noisy princess, leaving her snoring for another hundred years?

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"Fun for reading aloud, and children will be happy to help with the multiple snoring sounds."


"Told in varied iambic meter that has a limerick feel, the text has an easy flow and perfect scansion, making it a good choice for reading aloud."

— School Library Journal

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