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Duck Duck Moose!

Duck and Duck are preparing for a party, and each step of the way, Moose inadvertently messes things up.  When he disappears in shame, Duck and Duck must go find him so he can join in the party-which was for him!

The slapstick physical humor of Duck, Duck, Moose will have kids overcome with the giggles.

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"Two ducks plus one moose equals mayhem, mischief and true friendship...Emerging readers will easily join in the fun. The page design allows for a well-paced and entertaining read-aloud, and kids will love seeing how the traditional children's game gets a funny new setting with 'moose' taking the place of 'goose.' Fun, fun, fun! "

- Kirkus

"Though this silly story has a lot of well-earned laughs, the sweet ending is a touching reminder that clumsiness is easily forgivable—a valuable lesson for any distractible, tumble-prone tot." 

- Booklist

“Each scene of havoc appears with "Moose!" written in large colorful letters. Good fun that gives a whole new meaning to the word "duck.”

- School Library Journal

“Moose's pratfalls provide short-term entertainment and an opportunity for dramatic read-aloud performances.”

- Publisher's Weekly

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