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Chicks Rock!

Rocker Chick overcomes stage fright to find her voice in this rockin’ companion to Chicks Rule!


Rocker Chick loves to jam out alone in her room. She strums her guitar and belts into her tailfeather brush. But she’s too chicken to perform for a crowd. When she’s invited to play a big show at the local barn, Rocker Chick isn’t sure she’s brave enough to take the stage. Thankfully, her peeps have her back.

Each bringing their own strengths and skills, Rocker Chick’s friends help her find her inner rock star and step into the spotlight. This celebration of courage and commitment shows just how much friendship rocks!

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"True to its musical core, Bardhan-Quallen’s text has a lively spring, which is snappy to read aloud and helps to soften the platitude: “Rocker Chick says, ‘Thank you all— / you helped me reach my dream.’ / Her friends reply, ‘That’s why we’re here.’ ‘We’re always on your team!’ ” Kurilla’s bean-shaped chicks are as cute and thoughtfully developed as in the story’s predecessor, Chicks Rule! (2019). Sly, barnyard wordplay is also included, “poultry in slow motion” being a highlight.."

— Kirkus Reviews

"A suggested general purchase for libraries assisting social-emotional learning, this title brings a message of courage and growing self-esteem through the support of friends.."

— School Library Journal

"The chicks first introduced in Chicks Rule! (2019) put their talents to good use in this upbeat companion title....The saturated, cartoon illustrations are wonderfully cute and encompass a range of individual talents and styles. Panel art moves this story of friendship and teamwork along quickly for a lighthearted yet relatable read."

-- Booklist

"Bardhan-Quallen’s rhymes, with their abundance of poultry puns, flow well with Kurilla’s turbo-cute digital art that depicts lollipop-colored houses and eyelashed chicks with bulbous figures and stick legs. The theme of working together and empowering one another is sweetly (and comically) portrayed here along with an important early lesson about relying on others when facing a personal struggle. "

-- The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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