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Roxie Loves Adventure

Roxie the pug lives a life of luxury. She loves fizzy drinks and fluffy pillows. She keeps her treats and chew toys close and never has to lift a paw.
One night, Roxie’s humans are fast asleep when she has to GO! She scurries out of her doggy door to do her business, only to find . . . the door has locked behind her. Will Roxie be stuck outside forever? Without toys, treats, and tummy rubs?! Soon enough, Roxie finds her grit and finds her way back inside. A changed pup, she dreams sweet dreams of the adventures tomorrow might hold.
This fresh and funny picture book from Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Leeza Hernandez encourages readers to venture out of their comfort zone to nurture the adventurer inside us all.

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The Real Roxie!

Roxie isn't just a character -- she's a CHARACTER! For a peek at Roxie's real-life shenanigans, follow her on Instagram!

The Moment...

...that we saw the book for the first time!


"Adventures are stressful. Someone bring Roxie a treat.

Roxie, a pampered pug enthroned in a house replete with all things ruffled, frilly, and pink, is a bit spoiled. Her happy (and slightly gassy) life is filled with the finest things, from doggie treats served on silver dishes to the most indulgent grooming routines. When a necessary trip to the bushes outside in the middle of the night accidentally leaves her locked out, Roxie finds herself on an adventure to return to her rosy paradise...the rhyming text and the amusing illustrations diligently work in tandem to carry the middling plot. Pug owners and pug enthusiasts will laugh hardest at the adorable poses and faces Roxie makes as she struggles to get back inside, but even cat lovers will chuckle at this pup’s antics. The fluffy pink mixed-media illustrations will STRONGLY appeal to fans of all things pink and princess-y...Librarians and storytellers will be able to make the most of the tale, however, and Roxie is bound to win over just about everyone once the tale starts. A frilly pink delight."

— Kirkus Reviews

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